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Finish Options       Door types and Cabinet Styles

1)     Your Kitchen will be measured and laid out by a professional cabinetmaker with 20+ years of experience.  The result will be no surprises when installation time comes.

2)     Your cabinets will be made to fit your kitchen exactly!  No fillers or dead spaces.  Your space will be used completely and efficiently.

3)     There are no limitations on size or type of cabinets.  You will not hear anyone say we don’t offer a 3 drawer cabinet 17 inches wide 29 inches tall with a file drawer.  Your possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

4)     Your cabinets will be constructed with the finest materials available.  The materials used are not only superior in quality, but also thicker and stronger than the materials used in cabinets found at the “big box” stores.  These high quality materials will be combined with skillful joinery techniques to produce a very high quality product that will provide decades of trouble free service.   

5)     Door styles and finish options are almost endless.  You can choose the door and drawer front styles that you like.  You can also choose the wood to be used and the type of finish.  Finish options include stains, antique distresses, painted with or without glaze, stained with glaze, and…………

6)     Service, service, service!!!!  In the years to come if you experience any problems, we will be here to help take care of you.  If you happen to damage a door, drawer or hardware item, we will be able to replace or repair it, many times at little or no cost.  It is very important to us to have highly satisfied customers.



Why Consider Custom Cabinets?

A Few Details You Need to Know About Hardwood Plywood



There are two ways veneer is cut from a log. The less expensive way is called rotary cut.  The log is turned and the veneer is peeled off similar to the way an apple is peeled.  The result is a veneer with a curly and sometimes erratic grain pattern.  If you go to your local home center (Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, Etc) you will find only rotary cut veneers


The second way to cut veneer is called plain sliced. The log is cut lengthwise into veneer slices similar to slicing a block of cheese. This is the same way boards are cut from logs, so the end result is far superior to the rotary cut alternative.  These types of veneers are only available through wholesale outlets selling to professional cabinetmakers.